"Where's Home?" by Gabrielle Israelievitch: a book for all foster children and those who care for them: an entry into empathy

Where's Home? explores the journey of an endearing young kitten named Littleprints, whose life at home is unpredictable, confusing, and sometimes frightening. Then he suddenly loses whatever comfort he has known when he is taken away from everyone and everything familiar. As he is moved from one home to another, Littleprints must discover how he can feel settled and safe.

In 64 pages and 20 short chapters interspersed with black-and-white drawings, Where’s Home? offers an authentic and complex voice to the invisible foster child among us.

The tender but no-holds barred story has both therapeutic and educational applications for a wide range of readers. Originally written for foster children and those who care for them, the book’s theme is universal: special connections with others can contain the magical possibilities that make healing, hope, and home possible.

Independent reading level: Grade 3+

Listening level: For children from ages 4 or 5 who will recognize the experiences of Littleprints. The author recommends that the book be read together over a number of sittings. It requires digesting in bits over time. Adults should read the book prior to reading to a child so they can process their own reactions. This will better enable them to listen and respond to what the child may say.

Picture story level: To be determined by parent with above considerations.

Illustrations by JULIANA NEUFELD
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